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Driveway sealcoating, crack repair, line painting, Pothole and Patch repair

Cranberry Sealcoat Services

The highlights of our Sealcoating and Driveway resealing services

Driveway Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a crucial asphalt maintenance procedure every 2-3 years that helps to create a barrier from external elements that degrade asphalt over time. We properly apply a mix of high-quality sealer, 2-3 lbs of sand per gallon, and TopTuff additive to make, and keep, your driveway looking rich and beautiful.

Crack Repair

Crack Repairs are one of the most essential asphalt maintenance procedures in creating a long-lasting pavement investment. We use high-quality crackfilling products in a variety of residential and commercial methods in the Cranberry, Mars, Seven Fields, and surrounding area. Trust Cranberry Sealcoat to know what options will make your asphalt last the test of Pennsylvania weather.

Line Marking

The order and safety of your pavement markings are important. It all starts with intuitive lot planning and high-quality paints designed for bright, durable traffic markings. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and beauty in which we apply all your pavement marking needs.

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